December 23, 2012

List of Foods

This list is to remind me of what to cook when I am out of ideas to cook daily food

Suon Ram
Dua leo/ salad
Canh suon he and tofu

Tom kho tau
Dua leo/salad

Thit kho trung/dau hu/mang
gia' chua

Ga` Teriyaky
Bap cai xao

Ga` kho gung
Ga` xao` xa ot
Bap cai luoc

Canh suon rau cai
Canh suon/tom muop & mong toi

goi ga
goi xoai

Thit ba roi xao mam ruoc

Thit ba roi ram

Thit than ram

Bun rieu
Banh canh

Prime Ribs - Jessica's Birthday/Chrismas party

This year, we celebrate Jessica's Birthday and Christmas a bit early to fit everyone's schedule. 

Prime Ribs - I bought marinated rib eye from costco and cooked it as instructed
                      500F  for 25 minutes
                      then lower to 200F about 25 minutes for each pounds -      
                      temperature of meat should be 140F
                      (a bit pink, very tender and juicy, we should buy over 10lbs for our

                       *** Costco marinate probably just dry montreal steak rub with
                       cloves of garlic press inside the meat

                      1 pack of button murshroom  (costco)
                      1 box of Hors d'oeuvres  (costco)
                      1 package of marsh potatoes (costco)
                      1 box of salad (costco - not a good idea)
                      2 cans corn
                      1 box of gravy (Trader's Joe)
                      1 package of rib eyes for steak ( nextime just prime rib would be   

                       Cracker and seafood spread or spanish dip would be ok

Next year, we should do the same, since everyone loved it!!!!

Caramelized Spare Ribs / Suon Ram

3 lbs baby back ribs cut into pieces
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup fish sauce
1/2 cup water
Green onion cut in pieces
Black pepper

In a frying pan add oil fry both sides of ribs until brown
Wash the ribs so that it is clear of blood pieces
In a pot - put some oil then add ribs stir fry a few minutes than add the sugar, keep  on stirring until sugar a little bit golden, don't burn it ...

Then add fish sauce - keep on stirring about 5 to 10 minutes until the meat absorb the sugar and fish sauce.  Add water and stir again for a few minutes then cover the pot - lower the heat and let it cook until thicken

From time to time open the pot and stir the meat, do not let it burn.

Meat  is done when sauce golden and almost thicken

Add green onion and black pepper


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