May 16, 2013

Xôi Vò

1 can coconut milk divided
2 lbs sweet rice
1 bag green bean
1 tsp salt to add to sweet rice
1 tsp salt to add to green bean

Soak 2 lbs sweet rice with 1/2 can of coconut milk, add water to cover the rice (over about 2") for a few hours.  Take out drain - add 1 tsp salt mix well -  leave air dry about 1/2 hour.

Wash green bean a few times so that the water is not yellow, add water and soak it for a few hours.  Wash then put in pot add 1 tsp salt,  coconut milk and water to cover just over the green bean mix well, cook until all water dry up, cover 1/2 hour then blend it with food processor.  Put in refrigerator until cold.

Mix green bean mixture with sweet rice then form into a ball - make about 7 to 8 balls.  put in the steamer (with a cloth underneath) - steam about 20 minutes then lift the cover, make sure to do it fast so that the water do not drop on the rice.  Use a chopstick poke a hole in the middle of each rice ball- spread it out a little bit, then cover and cook about 25 more minutes (total cook times is 45 minutes, you can open the lid a few times but do it fast so that the water from the lid do not drop down to the rice)

When done - use a spoon to lift a ball then put into a small basket, use a fork to separate the rice then pour into the large tray for the sweet  rice to cool.


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